About the author

Christy Perry Tuohey/photo by Josh Wells, K&W Photography

Christy Perry Tuohey, great-great-granddaughter of Caroline Grose, is a 30+ year veteran of newsrooms and classrooms. She was a TV news reporter and anchor in markets including Charleston/Huntington, WV; Charlotte, NC; and Columbus and Cleveland, OH. Her writing has been published in multiple print and online newspapers and magazines including the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Pillars Magazine and the Charleston (WV) Gazette.

Perry Tuohey taught journalism and grammar/writing mechanics classes at Syracuse University for 16 years and also served as web content producer and manager for the Newhouse School’s official website – http://newhouse.syr.edu  Wielding her red pen, she has edited hundreds (maybe thousands) of students’ news stories and essays.

She has just published her first book, Panther Mountain: Caroline’s Story, a historical fiction novel based on true events in 19th Century Virginia/West Virginia. You can follow along with the story on Twitter and Facebook, and she blogs about writing and food at Plots and Crockpots.